Residential Tax Appeals

If you think your property taxes are too high, you may be entitled to a reduction. Depending on your municipality, the assessed value of your property may be too high relative to current property values and results in a property tax calculation that is not in line with values.

For this purpose, we handle appeals for both homeowners, as well as commercial/investment property owners. While appeals must be filed by April 1st of each tax year, there are many times of the year when local tax assessors can be approached to discuss a reduction in the following year. In addition, if you are a commercial property owner, certain forms and filings must be completed during the current year to retain your rights of appeal for the coming year.

Contact us for a consultation. We will help you calendar the year and help you through the process of obtaining a favorable result. In the meantime, if you’d like public information on New Jersey tax appeals, you can download the state provided brochure by clicking here.