Traffic Violations

Every day in the State of New Jersey, the police are looking to punish drivers with traffic tickets for speeding, being in the HOV lane, or negligent driving, to name a few types of common offenses. These traffic violations often have disastrous effects on insurance premiums, a person’s driving privilege, employment, and going to school. But the effects don’t always have to be a disaster. You can turn to a trusted professional. At The Beinhaker Law Firm, we try to save you time and money while helping to decrease the anxiety associated with a traffic ticket. We try to save you money by doing our best to keep tickets away from your insurance and by trying to keep your driving record clean. We use our skills and experience in dealing with traffic tickets to fight on your behalf so that you can spend time in school, at your job, or with family without needless worry.

Looking To Fight A Traffic Ticket In The State Of New Jersey? Blair R. Zwillman is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney with a history of success in fighting traffic tickets in courts throughout the State of New Jersey. Mr. Zwillman and his office provide caring and personal representation to drivers while fighting in court to get clients the best results.