Ashley Molson, Esq., of counsel

Ashley Molson, Esq. is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She handles a variety of legal matters including: Real Estate, Estate Planning and Business Law.

Ms. Molson has gained a great deal of knowledge and legal experience while acting as a Legal Associate to multiple solo practicing attorneys in Massachusetts and New Jersey. During law school, she interned directly under the Town Council of Braintree, Massachusetts and the General Counsel of a Government Agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Prior to law school, Ashley went to business school in New York City so that she could gain knowledge of financial instruments and business models knowing that she would also attend law school. She planned her educational journey in order to eventually provide legal services to clients in need of a lawyer with such business expertise such as estate planning.

In addition to her job as an attorney, Ms. Molson also teaches yoga. She is in the stages of planning a seminar for legal professionals that will focus on using the principles of yoga to handle the practice of law and clients in a more mindful manner.

Ultimately, Ashley has been working in service industries since she was 14 and she has served all likes of people. She looks forward to meeting you, and to handling your legal needs in a mindful, cost-efficient and professional manner.

Contact Information

Direct Tel: (857) 225-1062