Business Plans & Financing

As business lawyers, we often are referred to people just starting a company or ones who only have an idea that they would like to explore or develop.  The first (and best) place to start with a new company or idea is to write your own business plan.  Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs skip this crucial step.

We have experience in helping clients to write and compile these plans to be used for financing or investment purposes.  A well-written and researched plan will also help you to modify your idea to minimize failure and increase your ultimate chance of success.  It might even show you that your business idea is not a winner, like you might believe in your own mind.  Even great ideas, poorly executed, can lead to failure.

Our managing director has almost 20 years of experience working with start-ups, writing business plans and even founded an entrepreneur’s academy for middle school and high school students to teach them how to write develop ideas and write business plans.  Students in the academy even pitch for funding to a panel of volunteer “investors” to obtain start-up money to actually launch their business!  Watch their exciting promotional video.

We can also help you with bank or private financing and even assist with the process of raising private capital from venture or angel networks or even from your own network of friends and family.  Whether from crowd-funding sites like “kick starter” or “go fund me”, or from your own contacts, you have more access to capital than you might realize.

So if you have an idea or want to buy an existing business, contact us.  A consultation with our competent staff can save you time, money and increase your chances of success.