Commercial Collections

Businesses and professionals need cash flow to run their businesses and to survive. If there is no cash flow, there is no business. A business can have the best business plan, the best talent and the best ideas, but it is all for naught if customers/patients do not pay. At The Beinhaker Law Firm, we concentrate on helping our clients to get paid in a timely manner so you can focus on running your business or practice.

We can review and revise your contracts, invoices or order forms for omissions or monies you can seek if a customer is delinquent. We can advise you of the issues surrounding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and any other regulatory and legal issues that may be presented prior to the commencement of collection efforts. We can be your collection agency and work with you from the beginning until an agreeable resolution is reached. We negotiate payment arrangements that work for our clients. We also zealously pursue unpaid collections through legal action and seek to obtain an actionable judgment to pursue post-judgment collection efforts to effectuate payment. No matter the collection situation, our goal is to get as speed up payment and increase cash flow to your business.

The Beinhaker Law Firm is a leader in the field of collection law and represent clients big and small across a wide spectrum of industries. We are a “go to” source for collections for other law firms. Likewise, we work with various business-to-business service providers and work to collect such commercial debt.

We also work with businesses whose collections are against individuals. Such business to consumer transactions can fall within the auspices of the FDCPA for household or personal debt. One type of collections are medical collections. The collections department works in tandem with our healthcare practice to pursue collections for our medical provider clients, whether such non-payments are from kept checks or unpaid out-of-network medical charges.