Initially after your arrest, when you see the police report and all the evidence against you, you may think your case is hopeless. Don’t give up! An experienced DUI attorney may find issues to work into a powerful defense, or even discover a fatal flaw in the case that could cause the prosecution to back down or give up.

The State, or prosecution, is likely to say all of its evidence is true and incriminating. Our attorneys can use the facts and the law to your advantage to exclude or diminish certain evidence. With professional defense counsel on your side, you can defend yourself, assert your rights and be assured of the best possible outcome given the facts and law of your case.

The Beinhaker Law Firm Can Help You Fight the Charges Filed Against You

We provide legal defense services for persons accused of DUI or DWI throughout New Jersey. If you’ve been accused of driving under the influence, our attorneys can help – no matter how difficult your case may seem.

Our lawyers are experienced legal professionals who can help you successfully get the best outcome possible in your DUI case. Please contact us to schedule your free and confidential legal consultation.