Worker’s Comp Appeals & Interventions

The Beinhaker Law Firm also represents medical providers in workers’ compensation cases. The medical providers are not seeking payment from their patients, but rather the worker’s compensation carrier at issue. In New Jersey, there is no fee schedule for the work performed, and the doctor is entitled to receive a usual and customary rate for the procedures performed in the geographical area the medical provider performed his or her services. The carriers tend to pay the providers the lowest possible rate, i.e. a percentage of Medicare fees. We work with our providers and their billing specialists to provide accurate and in depth appeals and to prepare for the hearing at issue. The billing specialist and/or provider needs to support their charges, looking to frequently utilized fee analyzers and makes arguments to justify his or her fee levels. We guide our provider clients through the sometimes lengthy and convoluted process to obtain the right results, either through negotiation or filing of an appeal with the administrative tribunal, or intervening in a patient’s case that is already under way.