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ANNOUNCING THE FIRST VIDEO FROM THE BEINLAW CHANNEL! We hope you listened to the introduction to our YouTube Channel and subscribed to the feed.  So here’s the release of our first, substantive, production.  We hope all small business owners find it, along with the series of videos that will follow, helpful in making their companies a success.

The Debt Collector’s Toolkit

Announcing the launch of another eBook.  This report is our second publication that we are releasing over the coming months.  We hope you continue to find our information valuable. In our continued effort to provide interesting and valuable content to all of clients and contacts, we are excited to offer FREE reports on various topics.  This release, The Debt Collector’s … Read More

The Accidental Entrepreneur Podcast

You probably received the announcement of our first podcast series, DIY Legal. In continuing our effort to produce valuable content for our clients and contacts, we are excited to introduce our second podcast, The Accidental Entrepreneur, because success in business does NOT have to be an accident. Click here to access the feed and listen to the introductory episode and … Read More


One of our marketing goals for 2019 is to bring good, informational content to our clients, friends, colleagues and the general public.  Maybe, in a small way, we’ll help you think through an issue and put you on the path towards making a better decision. In that regard, we are excited to launch our YouTube video channel.  Click on the … Read More

Introducing DIY Legal – The Pro Se Podcast

We are excited to enter the world of podcasting.  Through our first production, we will focus on helping people tackle legal issues when it’s too expensive to hire an attorney.  We will also address nonlegal issues as well and invite guests from various industries on the show.  Click to access our feed and listen to the introductory episode.  Or you … Read More

New from DocuBank – Our Emergency Medical Access Service!

“When were you hospitalized and why?” “What are your current and past medical conditions?” You get bombarded in the ER and at new doctor visits with many questions you may not be in a position to readily answer. With My MEDICAL SNAPSHOT, your DocuBank Emergency Card now gives doctors instant answers to their most important questions about your medical life.  When doctors … Read More


On August 23, 2018, the New Jersey Appellate Division issued its opinion in Roman v. Bergen Logistics, LLC, et al., 2018 WL 4012025 (App.Div. Aug. 23, 2018) (not for publication). This case involved a female human resources employee who alleged that her immediate supervisor (the named individual defendant in the case) and Human Resources Director, sexually harassed and subjected her … Read More


If you, as a medical practitioner, are contacted by an investigator from an insurance carrier, a criminal investigator, a detective from the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor of the State Attorney General’s Office, a County Prosecutor’s Office, or an investigator from the State Department of Banking and Insurance, you should immediately seek legal counsel.  You should not speak with … Read More

Knowledge Series: PI Awards for Public Benefit Recipients in New York

     An attorney at times is bound to come across a situation where their area of practice may overlap with another distinct and separate type of law. To name just a few instances, estate planning attorneys often need to know various aspects of business, real estate and elder law; matrimonial attorneys often times encounter estate planning, real estate and business … Read More

9 Things You Should Know When Planning Your Estate

So you’re getting older, maybe recently married, or are starting a family.  Perhaps a loved one passed away or you recently got divorced.  Or maybe you just want to get things in order. As an individual or a couple, you must ask yourself, “When do I need a will?”  or “Do I even need a will at all?” As human … Read More