HIPAA Compliant Estate Planning

You have dedicated your professional life, and, chances are, a great deal of your personal time as well, to promoting the health of those around you. You are the person who fixes things, who takes care of others.

Understandably, you may have been so busy taking care of everyone else that you may not have had the bandwidth to address the very real risks posed to your practice, your personal and professional assets, and your loved ones if something were to happen to you. No one wants to contemplate their own major illness or sudden accident – but you know well from treating others that such things are unfortunately possible for all of us.

What would happen to your practice if you were to become seriously ill or pass away suddenly? How would your patients be informed? How would your patient records be protected and transferred? How would you prevent violations of HIPAA and other Federal laws in the handling of others’ protected health information? Would you leave your family to sort out the equipment and paperwork in your office? Who would be responsible for making sure your receivables were billed and collected (sometimes for years to come) and, ultimately, the funds given to your beneficiaries?

There is no good time for a bad event – but the best tool we have to address it is robust, full spectrum estate and practice resolution planning for licensed healthcare professionals. At The Beinhaker Law Firm, LLC, we combine our specialized expertise in healthcare law and our experience in personal estate planning to give your practice the most diverse, informed, and complete planning for the unthinkable.

We will help you create a plan, customized to the particular needs of your practice, for putting qualified personnel in charge of an unexpected transition. We will work with you to ensure that medical records are handled in compliance with the law, that patients are informed of their options and not left abandoned during any transition, that major health insurance carriers as well as your professional liability insurer are notified in a timely manner, and that the services you provided are billed for and payments received. We will work hard to ensure that your professional and personal assets are shielded from problems which might otherwise be caused by an unmanaged event. We will examine your practice to find areas of potential administrative confusion or vulnerability before anyone else does.

Physician, take care of yourself and the practice you have worked hard to build. Call us to discuss contingency planning, either along with your personal estate planning or as a separate project. We understand your practice, and we will arm you with the tools necessary to take care of it.