Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud is prosecuted by two agencies of the State of New Jersey, the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice of the Attorney General’s Office (criminal) and the Bureau of Fraud Deterrence of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (civil penalties).  The twenty-one County Prosecutors’ Offices, also, prosecute criminal insurance fraud cases.

Aside from the criminal charges and civil penalties, under the Insurance Fraud Statute, the offended insurance company/carrier can sue you, civilly, for treble damages (up to triple the amount of the alleged insurance fraud) plus attorney fees and investigative costs.

These cases are brought against medical and legal professionals in relation to allegations of fraud as to services rendered and charged to an insurance carrier; and, against insurance policy holders in relation to allegations of fraud as to claims.

If you are a medical or legal professional, you must, also, consider that a professional board or Office of Attorney Ethics will, also, open a case as to the allegations against you.

If you are being investigated by any of these entities or are charged or sued by any of these entities, you should have competent legal representation to defend you and protect your rights.

The Beinhaker Law Firm is proud to have Robert J. Brass, Esq., former Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, handle all our insurance fraud  criminal, civil and licensing matters.  Mr. Brass formerly prosecuted cases involving Insurance Fraud on behalf of the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor of New Jersey Attorney General’s Office Division of Criminal Justice.  Prior to being a Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Brass served as a Supervising Assistant Prosecutor in Middlesex County and an Assistant Prosecutor in Essex County.

Mr. Brass has presented criminal litigation related continuing legal education courses, including courses on Insurance Fraud, on behalf of the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education and the New Jersey State Bar Association, to other attorneys since 1996; and, has lectured in Madrid, Paris, Rome, Dublin, New Orleans, and Las Vegas, as well as in New Jersey.  He was a faculty member of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Trial Advocacy Institute, presenting continuing legal education courses to Deputy Attorneys General, from the Criminal, Civil and Gaming Enforcement Divisions of the Attorney General’s Office, as well as to Assistant Prosecutors from the twenty-one County Prosecutors’ Offices in New Jersey.  He has served on the faculty of a White Collar Crime Trial Seminar, for the National Association of Attorneys General, at Washington University Law School in St. Louis.