The Counsel Plans™

The Counsel Plans™ are three plans offered here at The Beinhaker Law Firm to help with your legal needs.

For companies and nonmedical organizations, The Company’s Counsel™ brings covered and discounted legal services to owners, employees and other group members through unlimited telephone consultations, unlimited cursory document review and up to 40% discounts on other legal services offered by the firm. Each participant receives an annual membership in DocuBank, the firm’s emergency medical access system and secure document vault, DocuBank SAFE. 

For solo-practicing professionals and business owners that require more legal services than the average employee, The Entrepreneur’s Counsel™ offers a monthly retainer-based program, unlike a pre-paid plan that requires a larger group for approval, where services are customized based upon the individual professional or business owner’s needs. Fees and discounts will be customized as well. This plan also includes DocuBank and DocuBank SAFE for all plan members.

For medical practices, societies and organizations of 5 persons or more, The Physician’s Counsel® brings covered and discounted legal services to its participants including additional legal services that a professional medical practice might need. As with all plans, DocuBank services are also included. Service discounts range from 25% to 40%.