White Collar

White-collar offenses are those classes of non-violent illegal activities which principally involve traditional notions of deceit, deception, concealment, manipulation, breach of trust, subterfuge or illegal circumvention.

Generally speaking, the term “white collar crime” is used in reference to business-related financial crimes. These crimes violate state and federal law and are usually prosecuted in the New Jersey Superior Court or the Federal Court for the District of New Jersey, depending upon what agency is investigating the allegations.

Frequently Charged White Collar Crimes are insurance fraud (by medical professionals or the insured policy holder), criminal environmental crime, computer/internet fraud, credit card fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, manufacturing or selling of counterfeit goods, securities fraud, and bank fraud.  Many times these cases are interrelated with tax fraud.

The Beinhaker Law Firm is proud to have Robert J. Brass, Esq., former Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, handle all our white collar criminal matters.  Mr. Brass formerly prosecuted cases involving Insurance Fraud, Criminal Environmental, Money Laundering, Public Contract Fraud, Organized Crime and Threats to the Judiciary, on behalf of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office for approximately ten years.  Prior to being a Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Brass served as a Supervising Assistant Prosecutor in Middlesex County and an Assistant Prosecutor in Essex County.

Mr. Brass has presented criminal trial related continuing legal education courses, on behalf of the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education and the New Jersey State Bar Association, to other attorneys since 1996; and, has lectured in Madrid, Paris, Rome, Dublin, New Orleans, and Las Vegas, as well as in New Jersey.  He was a faculty member of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Trial Advocacy Institute, presenting continuing legal education courses to Deputy Attorneys General, from the Criminal, Civil and Gaming Enforcement Divisions of the Attorney General’s Office, as well as to Assistant Prosecutors from the twenty-one County Prosecutors’ Offices in New Jersey.  He has served on the faculty of a White Collar Crime Trial Seminar, for the National Association of Attorneys General, at Washington University Law School in St. Louis.